Dutch Gems is proud to present the second compilation of the legacy series. This time curated by old school Dutch Hip Hop connaisseur Chriz the Wiz. He selected six exclusive Dutch early 90’s Hip Hop tracks from dusty demotapes and obscure releases. Restored and mastered by NL’s finest Ivo Statinski for vinyl legacy. Including a 20+ page A5 ”Cheese Steez” magazine with interviews and background knowledge of the featured artists. Comes with crazy dope cover artwork by graffiti writer AZHQone. (Limited edition red vinyl – sold out -, standard edition white vinyl still available)

Chriz the Wiz in his own words:

“Hip Hop culture has always boosted kid’s creativity and passion towards expression and art. In order to do so it is of great importance that, especially national and even more local artists, give next generations the understanding that basically anyone can be an artist, when proper dedication and persistence gets displayed.

The late 80’s and early 90’s gave birth to a Dutch first wave of quality rap music artists, be they rappers, beatcreators or turntablists. Together with their English and French counterparts they spearheaded the European movement. Without hardly any help from national media platforms their music found their way into teenage bedrooms through mostly dubbed tapes and mouth to mouth communication. Hereby planting that ‘Damn, I think I can also do this’ seed within young minds.

Imagine my enthusiasm when Dutch Gems offered me the opportunity to conceptualize an e.p. with some of the tracks from this significant era of Dutch Hip Hop music. I took it upon myself to portrait a border to border variety of (mostly unreleased) music to capture the essence of these vibrant days of old. One nation under a groove!”


Below the six featured artists:

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