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The James Crown – Get Down 45 is a tribute to the one and only Godfather of Soul, the King of Funk, Mr. Dynamite, “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business” himself: who that is, must be quite obvious. The vinyl-only release is a collaboration by Dutch Gems, Rucksack Records & Fair Deal.

The producer behind this record is another hard-working man. In the hip-hop biz, that is. Dutch DJ and producer Kid Sundance is active as an recording artist since the mid-80s and released music with various artist like Boomoperators, Busy Bee and Dudley Perkins a.o.

James Crown is Kid Sundance’s first vinyl release since the critically acclaimed 2012’s Kid’s Colors, an LP inspired by 70s/80s library music, released via Dutch label Fremdtunes.

The backbone of the trackthe chopped drums and guitarwas made on the SP-1200. The separate stems in Logic X inspired Kid Sundance to add a chopped bassline with his ASR-10; also from a James Brown record. The same goes for the horns. He played the chops and riffs himself on the SP-1200 and the ASR-10. “From a creative point of view, that was very important to me,” Kid Sundance says. “I wanted to use combinations of samples, not to use entire hooks.” It took a month before Kid Sundance decided to add JB vocals and cuts to the instrumental track, as the crown on his work.

The James Crown – Get Down 45 is available for pre-orders via Bandcamp (Rucksack Records & Dutch Gems) and carefully selected record stores worldwide.

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