The second release on Dutch Gems takes you back to my hometown the city of Leiden. Focussing on youthcentre ‘t Breehuys and one of it’s earliest crews: The Chill Out Posse. We bring 5 exclusive demotracks never released before, capturing a moment of local hiphop in it’s purest form. Narrated and designed by Remko Koopman, including an A4 promosheet and a 4 page full colour booklet with background info.

Grab it while you can! Available now here


-5 exclusive tracks for the first time on vinyl
-White 12” 45rpm vinyl
-Handnumbered full colour gatefold sleeve
-Coverart by Popeye
-4 page full colour insert booklet
-A4 english promosheet by Remko Koopman
-KEZE sticker
-A6 full colour booklet + flyer by Remko Koopman
-Stickered plastic outer sleeve
-200 copies made, handnumbered
-Vinyl only



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