The 6th edition of the Dutch Gems series is dedicated to the legacy of one of the best and most influencial producers from NL: DJ Precise.

Together with Rollarocka (aka Shyrock aka Maikal X) he was part of the Amo-Lab formation mid 90’s.

AMO-LAB – The Telepathy Session

A1 – Road Dawgs
A2 – New Days
B1 – Action Reaction
B2 – Action Reaction (instrumental)


Precise – the visionary and the prophet.
As the personification of true B-Boyism, he embodied and mastered all elements while havin’ a clear vision in which direction music and culture were headed. The importance of incorporating different genres; the concept of minimalism – less is more – the rawness of Reggae & Dancehall, and the future of Africa’s impact on global urban culture.

As a DJ, his style was fast paced, intense and gritty, bringin’ a real live energy wherever he went. Same could be said about his production. Loud yet warm – dissonant at times – he created unique soundscapes combined with his signature heavy drums. Restless in his quest for true connection. A people’s person with an eye for bringin’ different individuals together to unite and work as one.

With this project we celebrate his life, thank his Parents & family, and honour the man named Borana ‘Precise’ Mario Ashine.

Amo-Lab 4 Life


Curated by Maikal X Parkinson & Gertjan ‘Brainpower’ Mulder

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